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Global Credit Information Service (GlobalCIS)

We manage the Japan Operation Center for GlobalCIS, a worldfs major corporate credit information service used by multinational enterprises such as trading companies, manufacturers and financial institutions around the world.


To succeed in international business transactions such as export, import, investment, service and licensing with third-party entities, checking credit risk in advance is necessary. Companies normally purchase credit reports from major credit research providers. The use of such credit report in combination with direct negotiation with the candidate is an efficient way of credit research. However, many companies are not satisfied with international credit repots and the reasons are as follows:

  • High prices (and prices are different and inconsistent among regions)
  • Too much time for investigation
  • Limited service coverage (many times investigations cannot identify subject companies)
  • Poor content (few data, no financials, inconsistent report structure among regions etc.)

Asian Company Profiles Ltd. (gACPh), provider of GlobalCIS, has tackled with these issues for a long time from unique standpoint using competent information technology. As a result, GlobalCIS now provides unmatched user-friendly credit information service such as broad service coverage and quick investigation, with very reasonable and uniform prices.

We confidently recommend GlobalCIS to the clients who are developing international businesses but have not been satisfied with existing credit reports.

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